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british army service khukuri
The British Army Service Model -- second best seller


Our second best seller. This is the same size and style khukuri (but considerably better quality) that is carried by present day Gurkhas serving in the British Army.

15 inches, horn handle, Wt. 1.25lbs. Battle tested and proven.

royal silver mounted dhankuta
The Royal Silver mounted Dhankuta

the royal Dhankuta by Burha

Made by the Royal Kami.  

Spotted deer horn handle, mounted in silver, scabbard horn and silver.  Only available from Himalayan Imports.  12 inches and about 1 lb.
 Very limited and there is a wait list.

dhankuta - sheathed knife    dhankuta scabbard detail - dragon

[click here for more photos of the Royal Dhankuta (@ B. Slade's kukri-gallery)]

gelbu special no. 1
The Gelbu Special number one

Gelbu Special kukri

Fit and finish is excellent. The blade looks like it is hollow ground (you can see this in the pix) but is actually forged in this configuration. It is more than 7/16 inch thick at the back of the blade but narrows to about 1/4 inch or perhaps a bit less at the center of the hollow grind. The edge is perfectly hardened -- near 60 Rc in the chopping area and softening gradually toward tip and toward cho. A note of interest, even the karda is hollow ground -- or forged!  We offer this khukuri in lengths of about 18 inches and about 21 or 22 inches.

review of Gelbu Special

kumar kobra

(from top to bottom:  30inch Kobra, 25inch Sirupati, 20inch Kobra )

20 inches and about 1 pound.  The lightest, quickest khukuri being made in Nepal today.  Very, very fast.  Serious martial artists take note.
 Also made in 18 inch and 25 inch lengths.

review of Kumar Kobra (scroll down to bottom)  

kobra hilts
(handles of 30in Kobra, 25in sirupati, 20in Kobras [from above])

Kami Kumar with 30inch Kobra
Kami Kumar, designer of the Kobra khukuri, holding a 30inch Kobra

The Malla Khukuri


The Malla khukuri is replicated from an a khukuri found buried under the floor of BirGorkha and identified by HMG Archeological Society (Nepal) as being an ancient khukuri from the Malla era (13th -18th centuries A.D.).


 The khukuri is 19 inches, 2 inches wide, 7/16 thick and weighs about 2 & 1/4 pounds. There are a couple of unique things about the khukuri which should be mentioned. The spine is flat (rather than in the traditional V ) like our logo khukuri. Fit, finish, hardness, karda, chakma, scabbard and frog all rate excellent.

Kumar Malla & Bura M43-Hanshee hybrid
Malla khukuri (top) vs. M43-hanshee hybrid (bottom)

ganga ram special
The Ganga Ram Special


This 22 inch almost 3 pound khukuri [top] was inspired by an 80 year old village kami named Ganga Ram Bishwakarma and was named after him.  It is excellently executed. Handle may vary slightly from that shown.  (The sirupati [bottom] in the picture is for comparative purposes only)
Also available in 18 inch length.

review of Ganga Ram kukri

another review of the GRS

uncle bill especial
The Uncle Bill Especial


18 inches overall, 2 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick and weighs 1 lb & 14 oz. Khukuri, scabbard, karda, chakma and 100 year HI superfrog all rate 10 out of 10.

reviews of the UBE

more reviews of the UBE  

Sanu presents UBE to UB
kami Sanu presents Uncle Bill with the UBE


The BirGorkha Bowie


This knife is the Himalayan Imports BirGorkha factory version of the old American favorite.  This Bowie is 15 inches overall, 2.5 wide, and 7/16 thick.  The knife will come in at about 1.75 pounds depending on the kami who makes it.  We can special order--bigger, smaller, lighter, heavier--on request.  Scabbard is hand tooled water buffalo leather with heavy duty Himalayan Imports 100 year superfrog.

yvsa cherokee special
Yvsa Cherokee Special


This is the silver mounted YCS (Yvsa Cherokee Special) so named after the Cherokee Indian (and HI forumite) Yvsa who designed this version and provided a wood model prototype.   About 18 inches and only 1 lb & 6 oz.  A masterpiece in everyway.  Comes with two excellently done and unique kardas and an awl as shown. 

The blade spine is almost 3/8" measuring 0.370" and distal tapers from the Sword of Shiva to 0.215 which is almost 7/32" at the edge bevel!!! The edge bevel tapers from 1/4" at the bolster to about 5/32" or 0.150" one inch below the tip. The best that I can measure the top fuller is about 1/8" thick and the bottom one is about 0.100 or almost 1/32" thinner than the top one.

The biggest karda in the group is 8 1/8" oal with a 5" blade almost 1 1/8" wide.The karda has a "drop" of 1 3/8" inch. The small karda which takes the place of the chakma is 7 1/4" oal and has a "drop" of 1 5/16" inches with a 3 7/8" blade 1" wide. Both blades are nicely recurved and have a high bevel and are distally tapered. They have a sorta flat, almost hollow ground bevel that makes sharpening to a really sharp edge possible and they are both Much Harder than normal.

review of YCS

another YCS review  

kumar karda
10 inch Kumar Karda


10 inches overall length.  Blade thickness 1/8 inch.  Weight 4 oz.  Excellent fit and finish.  Excellently zone hardened.  Good scabbard.  Lightweight frog

jkm knife
The JKM-1


This knife was conceived, designed by the late James K. Mattis, one of the most respected members of the HI forum & family, and is named the JKM-1 in his honor.  It is a Nepali version of the Finnish puukko.  About 6 inches in lengh, maybe 6 ounces.  Excellent fit, finish and hardess.  Comes with dangler scabbard as shown.

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