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stephen see's khukuri clock
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Himalayan Imports flagship khukuri


Here it is -- the BirGorkha Kothimoda , best and biggest Kothimoda in the world.

This khukuri is made by the Royal Kami and rates a 10 out of 10. The scabbard is done by one of the best gold and silversmiths in the Kathmandu valley and also rates 10 out of 10.

Khukuri specs. Weight is 1 lb 11 oz., overall length -- 17.25 inches, width of blade -- 1 & 7/8 wide, blade thickness -- 7/16  inch.

The khukuri, a dui chirra, is mounted in silver with water buffalo bone handle.

The scabbard takes ten days to make. It is the finest water buffalo calf, natural grain leather to be found.   The silver, all 225 grams of it, is .999 pure.

Overall, this is one of the finest kothimodas in the world and one of the heaviest silver laden scabbards ever made.

Those who order this kothimoda will not be disappointed, guaranteed!

kothimoda dhankuta


Important notice.  Most of our khukuris now come with Habaki sytle bolster (the brass piece between handle & blade) as shown above!

ang khola
the Ang Khola family -- the unbreakable knife!

ang kholas - ank

top -- 20 inch, 3 to 4 pounds, 5/8 in. thick , usually wood handle

2nd from top -- 18 inch, 1/2 inch thick, 2 to 2.5 lbs, usually wood handle

2nd from bottom -- 16.5 chiruwa, 1/2 inch thick,

bottom  -- *our best seller* -- 15 inch, 3/8+ in. thick, about 1.5lbs, usually horn handle

also available in 12 inch,   3/8 in. thick, about 1.0 lb, usually horn handle

The Ang Khola has a characteristic forged depression that helps to distribute the weight forward on the blade, making the Ang Khola a powerful chopper.
Ang Khola means “back-valley” or "back-hollow", referring to the depression near the spine ('back') of the blade.

ang khola kukri
20 inch Ang Khola with saatisal wood handle

30 inch Ang Khola by Sher
30 inch Ang Khola with wood handle
(knife with black horn handle at bottom is a 6in kagas katne shown for size comparison)

ciruvaa ang khola
The Chiruwa Ang Khola  

mother of 15 inch Ang Kholas -- usually 16 to 17 inches in length, blade 1/2 inch thick, 2+ inches wide, about 1.75 to 2.0+ pounds.  Full tang.


The Himalayan Imports Ang Khola has been recommended in articles which appeared in every major knife magazine in the US. This knife is considered by many experts to be the toughest knife in the world. It has chopped up steel drums and junk cars with no damage to the knife. In lateral strength tests which destroyed other knives the Ang Khola would not budge. You simply can't break it!  See the links below.

photographic report, Oct 2002

Review of Chiruwa Ang Khola (with photos)

review of chiruwa ang khola by a scottish highlander 

another review of Ang Khola

the Sirupati family -- Martial artist favorite

20 sirupati by bura
above - 20 inch sirupati

ank sirupati khukuris

top -- 25 inch, about 2.5 lbs, 1/2 in. thick, wood or horn handle

centre --  20 inch, about l.75 lbs, 3/8+ in. thick, wood or horn handle

bottom -- 18 inches, about 1.25 to 1.5 lbs, 3/8inch

also available in 12 inch length, 12oz., 5/16 thick, wood or horn handle

also available in 15 inch length, about 1 lb., 5/16

And available in 30 inch length!  For the dedicated swordsman.


The Sirupati, traditional khukuri of the Rai and Limbu people of Eastern Nepal, is quick and agile which makes it a favourite of  martial artists. Excellently balanced. Light but still strong enough to do a heavy day's work. Scrollwork and brass inlay along back of blade add to the beauty of this already magnificent blade.

review of 12in sirupati

review of 15in sirupati

review of 20in sirupati

another review of 20in sirupati

review of 25in sirupati

another review of 25in sirupati

review of 30in sirupati

world war II khukuri
The World War II model --
no. 3 best seller


The workhorse of the Gurkas during WWII, this model saw service in both Europe and Pacific theaters.  Our number three best seller, this is probably the best combination of weapon and tool that can be had. This khukuri is the favorite of many Bando practitioners. If you try it you will quickly fall in love with it.

world war 2
16.5 inch WWII model (above)


top -- usually horn handle, 18 inches, about 2  lbs

bottom -- standard 16.5 in., 1.5 or more lbs, usually wood handle

WWII kukri  

review of 18in WWII


All khukuris come with traditional scabbard (bottom) --- wood wrapped in water buffalo leather -- 100 year HI superfrog, karda (small utility knife) and chakma (burnishing tool). Top is British Army Service scabbard with military frog. Some scabbards are hand-tooled with images from the tashi dili or Nepali scenes.  Like this:


hanuman phaltu khukuri

The new and improved BirGorkha Hanuman Special



Here are pix of an old style Hanuman we used to offer and our new BirGorkha Hanuman that is our current offering.  The pictures tell a lot about the old Hanuman and what the kamis of BirGorkha feel a Hanuman should be.  Here are some comparative specs and evaluations.

The top picture shows the old Hanuman at top and BirGorkha Hanuman on bottom. Old is 17.5 inches. BirGorkha is 19.5 inches. Old is 3/8 thick. BirGorkha is 7/16. Old weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. BirGorkha weighs 2 lb 2 oz. Big karda and chakma go with BirGorkha, small with old model. Tweezers, buttonhook and awl on BirGorkha model are bigger and higher quality but hard to see in pix so are not shown.

Fit on old is good. Fit on BirGorkha is excellent.

Finish on old is satin, ok. Finish on BirGorkha is magic stone mirror, excellent.

Fullering on the old is very shallow and barely visible. Fullering on the BirGorkha is deep and even.

Hardness on the old model in the picture is unacceptable -- maybe 53 or 54 Rc. The edge folded during QC testing on the model in the picture.  Hardness of BirGorkha is near 60 Rc with softer tip.

Himalayan Imports employee, Chokpa Sherpa, is holding the rigs side and side and the scabbards pretty much speak for themselves.

garuda ang khola

Garud Ang Khola

garud garuda carving

It is called the Garud (dragon) Ang Khola. Bolster and scabbard chape are silver.  The knife is 19 inches overall length. Blade is about 2&1/2 inches wide, 9/16 thick. The knife weighs 2 & 3/4 pounds. Fit and finish excellent. Hardening excellent. Carving is very well done. The wood is saatisal. Karda and chakma are exceptional. Scabbard is excellent and is equipped with the HI superfrog.

[click here for more photos of the Garud Ang Khola


silver mounted ak - wood] [Image]

This is our standard beefy 15 inch Ak (usually closer to 16 inches) weighing in at 1& 3/4 pounds. The rig is silver mounted and has the carved water buffalo or wood handle as shown. Fit and finish are excellent. Hardness excellent. Scabbard and frog excellent.  Overall quality -- tops.

silver-mounted AK review here

kagaj katni
Kagas Katne
kagas katne

Kagas Katne means "paper cutter" in Nepali and that's about what this is. It's a 6 inch khukuri style letter opener but forged, hardened and built just like all the Himalayan Imports khukuris. Great stocking stuffer. Order now and be ready for Christmas!! The cigarette lighter is not included. It is shown for size comparison only.

review of kagas katne


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