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What is a village khukuri?  These are khukuris made for local use in Nepal for chopping, digging, hammering and the many other uses required for rural living.  They are roughly finished but incredibly tough.  They are made by village kamis who recycle leaf springs, pieces of railroad rail, and other steel that will forge into an incredibly strong blade.  They will vary greatly in style and size as can be seen in the pictures of typical examples below.  

Thes early 'villager' models sold by Himalayan Imports were not made by BirGorkha, and had a guarantee on blades, but not handles . Many of more recent 'villagers' are made by BirGorkha kamis in the style of khukuris used locally. 

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Read the test results of a village model khukuri which beat all competitors by clicking the link below:

Extreme testing of village model and 18" AK and other knives

To order a village khukuri, call, write or email us.

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Here are pictures of some examples of village khukuris.  All are different.  As can be seen styles and sizes vary considerably.  Prices listed are typical for khukuris similar to the khukuri shown. 

Seven early Village Models:

Non-BirGorkha 'Mini' Hanuman villager khukuris:
mini hanuman khukris

3 Village Models by Bura (the Royal Kami):
villagers by burha

Another village model:
bulldog villager khuk

more village khukuris:
more village khukuris

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To see what village models are presently available contact us for pix and prices:

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