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The M-43

M43 - with horn by Bura

Based on the WWII khukuri, the M43, which was designed as an update of the Mk II which was basically a WW I
design. The new knife had a stronger grip attachment system, a wider pommel
and better bolster design at the blade. The balance is slightly more forward
and the blade could arguably considered stronger.  

M-43 kukri

Usual size = 18 inches

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Bura-style M-43
Bura's M-43/hanshee hybrid villager

dvi chiruwaa
The 19th-century Dui-Chirra

dui chirra

Based on a mould made from a 19th-century khukuri owned by HI forumite 'Berkeley',
this khukuri has two chirras (fullers) which allow for a lighter knife while maintaining the strength of a thicker blade.
[dui-chirra means 'two fullers']

Berk Special dui chirra 19th century

Standard model comes with wooden-handled karda, chakmak, and tinder-pouch only.
Extended tool kit (with tweezers, awl, saw, and button hook in addition to karda & chakma) special order only. Antler-handles special order only.

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Chitlangi Khukuri

The chitlangi-style is characterised by the bell at the bottom of the handle and a light blade. Also distinctive is the closed cho, called a pariwa ki aka (meaning 'eye of the dove'), as opposed to the 'standard' open cho.
chitlangi bell handle

In the western part of Makwanpur district of Nepal, by the Chandragiri Mountain range, there is a historical village called Chitlang, presumably whence the name.
The chitlangi is similar to another style of khukuri known as chainpuri (named after a small village in eastern Nepal down in the lowlands where the terrain is jungle mostly). The differences between a Sirupati, Chainpuri, and Chitlangi are subtle. The Sirupati may be slightly beefier and therefore a slightly better performer when it comes to chopping but it would not be by much.

pen(dentive) knife khukuri
The 'Pen-Knife' Khukuri

Designed by HI forumite Pendentive ('Pen') : a small, large-bellied khukuri.
12 inches

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official penknife khukuri review thread at bladeforums.com

biltong south africa
Bilton khukuri

This Khukuri is named 'Bilton' or 'Biltong', because it is a very popular knife for South Africans, where many of these knives are exported. Biltong means 'Dry Meat' in South Africa. The word comes from Dutch with bil meaning buttock and tong meaning strip.
This is the smallest full fledged khukuri we make. Does numberous small tasks quite well. About 9 inches and around 3 to 4 ounces.

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cheroki gulaab
The Cherokee Rose
Cherokee Rose

Designed by Yvsa, a Cherokee Indian and the creator of the YCS-khukuri, the inspiration for the Cherokee Rose was his love of the old Scagel Knives.
Modeled on a Bowie knife, representative of America and one of the world's finest fighting knives of all time.

about 20 inches (13 inch blade)

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special cherokee rose knife
Special Cherokee Rose:
20 inches and 25 ounces of very, very good Cherokee Rose by Bura.
Very light, fast and well balanced. Beautifully carved (fish from Tashi Dili symbols) saatisal handle done by Bura himself
[standard version does not have carved handle]

The HI Katar


Himalayan Imports' Katar, designed by HI forumite Dave K, the katar is the oldest and most characteristic of the Indian knife weapons. Its uniqueness lies in the handle which is made up of two parallel bars connected by two or more cross pieces, one of which is at the end of the side bars and is fastened to the blade. The remainder forms the handle which is at right angle to the blade. The blades are always double-edged and are generally straight and with lengths from a few inches to about 3 feet....

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bhoti tarawar
Tibetan Sword
Tibetan sword - 'ke tri'

Called Ke Tri in Tibetan.
31-32" and 3/8" across the spine with some distal taper. about 44oz. and about 1 1/2" width.

tibetan sword hilt      Kami Sherpa with Tibetan Sword

carved handle
special carved handle sword (detail)

Himalayan Imports Shirts
HI shirt
Individually embroided T-shirts.We have (chest) sizes 46, 48 and 50 in assorted colours. We'll get you the size you want and will try to give you your choice of coluor but can't guarantee it. (black, white, green, blue, grey)

Label says: '100% cotton. "Himalayan" with mountain logo. Kingdom of Nepal. Export quality'.

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