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If you came to our site looking for a top quality Khukuri knife then you definitely have come to the right place! Khukuris are probably the most functional knives in existence, due to their unusual design. If you're unfamiliar with khukuris, kindly stay and visit our site for more information about these fantastic knives.

A Khukuri (alternately spelled kukri, khukri, kukhri, cookri, kookeri) is the traditional knife of the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. It is also the weapon and general-purpose tool of the Gurkhas, the world-renowned legendary fighters from the foothills of the Himalayas, who have served the British Army with great distinction since the early 1800s and fought in decisive battles in both World Wars.

Gurkhas continue to serve as elite soldiers in The Royal Gurkha Brigade of the British Army, as well as in the Indian Army and the Royal Nepalese Army.  The Gurkhas display such loyalty, endurance, tenacity and incredible bravery that sometimes just the sound of their battle cry Ayo Gorkhali! (Nepali for ' Here come the Gorkhas!' ) has caused enemy soldiers to flee in terror.  In short, they are considered by most to be the finest infantrymen in the world.


Gurkha Brigade Training
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The Khukuri is a superior blade, both as a combat weapon and as a tool. Standard-sized khukuris are between 12 inches and 30 inches overall. The unique curve of the khukuri makes it excellent both for chopping wood and for hacking through dense jungles and forests - serving as a combination of an axe and a machete - and anything else requiring a good knife. This makes it a particularly ideal item for the outdoorsman, hunter, hiker or explorer--or anyone who needs a rugged multi-functional blade.
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Our khukuris are made for heavy use & are backed by a written no-nonsense
LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY (both blade and handle!)
 and sent with a satisfaction guarantee.
We do not buy from dealers but manufacture our own khukuris in our own BirGorkha factory in Surya Benai, Nepal which is the best equipped and best staffed in the country. The kamis (khukuri-smiths) at the BirGorkha factory combine traditional metal-forging techniques--the same methods which have been used for centuries--with their own clever innovation. The Himalayan Imports BirGorkha factory produces the highest quality khukuris in Nepal. Our factory foreman is the Royal Kami -- the best in Nepal (see his photo & biography here) . The khukuris we make are designed for maximum functionality and durability, and also as finely crafted pieces of art--both functionality and aesthetics are key components in the production of our khukuris. 

There is only one Himalayan Imports khukuri; and it has been declared to be the finest by experts. We manufacture the best quality khukuri coming out of Nepal today, and we go to a great deal of trouble and effort to get them from the far reaches of Nepal and to the US and European marketplaces (and to the rest of the world as well).

Kami Sherpa outside of the BirGorkha shop inspecting a khukuri in the sunlight

Because of the type khukuri we offer on a worldwide basis we cater to the discriminating collector and users who understand and appreciate fine knives, at very reasonable prices, starting at US$85 (total cost--including postage)! Of course, we also carry many more elaborate khukuris, made by the Royal Kami himself, which are more costly. Customers seeking the cheaply-made tourist-type khukuri will have to look elsewhere. Our knives are not to be confused with the somewhat shoddy, mass produced kukri from India or tourist-quality khukuri from Nepal.  And, they should not be confused with US-made imitations. There is little comparison.

For over 20 years we have been manufacturing and selling to the US and world markets the best khukuris coming out of Nepal. As the owner of HIMALAYAN IMPORTS, Yangdu Martino, is the daughter of Kami Sherpa, a Gorkha veteran (Assam Rifles), we try to make our khukuris (all of which have been blessed by Gorkha blood and prayer -- the only khukuri in the world to carry such an honour -- you can learn more about this at Blessings and ceremonies ) and operate our business in the Gorkha fashion: -- with pride, honour, integrity and excellence.

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