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Recent Updates
1 September 2003
more re-organisation of FAQ index page; added a number of external links
26 July 2005
added a couple of external links to Nepali culture
25 August 2003
first three chapters of John Powell's online khukuri book made available
index of Khukuri FAQ reorganised
Khukuri FAQ pages are undergoing reorganisation
11/7/02 added carvings from Powell collection to carving pg.
8/23/02 added "khukuri" and "kothimoda" to John's sample book page
7/24/02 added picture of cut to safety pg
5/25/02 added bag carry to carry pg.
added hardening info to construction pg.
3/28/02 added Ali's story to essays page
11/23/2001 added commentary to gorkha pg
added M43 info to military styles pg
Corrected spelling on several pages
Added Lone Tree post to training and techniques
added minature info to Kagnas katne on styles 1 pg
added sangli info to kothimoda pg
9/9/01 added picture of Bura at work to kami pg
added pommel picture and text to military styles pg
added bhojpuri information and pic to styles pg.
added to sirupati description on styles pg.
added chitlangi description to styles pg
added to chainputi description on styles pg
Made a military styles pg
Added index of Nepal towns
added material on kora grips to varients pg
added information on box to kothimodas pg
8/28/01 added karda picture to carry pg
added to kagas katne on styles pg
added banchero to variants pg
Added Chitlang to styles pg
updated marks on kami pg
8/9/01 added box kothimora to kothimoda pg
added falcatta to variants page
added Ganesh to symbols page
7/21/01 added Afgan to Powell collection p7
added sossun patta to styles page
added carving and symbols page
7/8/01 added Garu Dhaw to variants pg.
added ivory kothimora to styles page
made new kothimodas pg
added symbols to kothimodas page
6/22/01 added hasiya to variants pg.
Added ivory khuk to p7 powell collection
Added hanshee to styles pg
Added wood finishing to maintenance page
5/23/01 Added pictures of khukuri training to techniques pg.
Added CrO compound to Cliff's sharpening info
5/19/01 added trousse and shoulder carry to carry page
added hanshee, budhme to styles pg
updated chainpuri and carving on styles pg
added info on measurement to construction page
added pricing policy to essays page
added terms to terms page
4/13/01 Added E-Nep to variants page
2/15/01 Added Yvsa info to sharpening pg
Added updated marks info to Kami pg
1/13/2001 added page to preview John Powell's upcoming book
1/10/2001 Obsolete link to J. Mattis site deleted
Specs corrected on Udhaipur on Styles2 pg.
10/16/2000 Added Kami Sherpa's tips for loosening a scabbard to the Carry pg.
Added knife care to maintenance pg.
9/29/2000 Added Nepal Map to Table of Contents
Added car carry tip to carry options
Added hardness info to GR & Bura on Kami pg.
Added hardness discussion to construction pg.
Added BA's carjacking to adventures pg.
Added traveling kit and blade cover to carry options
9/1/2000 Added link to James Mattis' khukuri pictures to table of contents
Added Chokpa to biographies page
Added review of Ganga Ram knife to kami pg
Added Gelbu Special to Udhaipur on styles page
Added blade close up to 18th cent on styles page
Added explanation to forward curving on styles page
Added specs for a standard M43 to pg 5 of Powell collection
8/3/2000 Added kora, tarwar, baghmarne to variants pg
6/23/2000 Added Richard knife to historical pg.
Added Murali Dhar Bishwakarma to kamis pg
Added material to the Powell collection pages
Added to tin chirra on styles page
6/6/2000 Added Malla to styles page
5/22/2000 Added Vikash to Biography page
Added fast draw to techniques page
4/16/2000 Added old pictures to Gorkha page
added to pg 6 of Powell collection
Added puja picture to kami page
Added Puja information to ceremonies page
4/9/2000 Added Puja information to ceremonies page
3/25/2000 added pg 6 of Powell collection
3/15/2000 added greeting to ceremony page
added bill photo to biography page
Added Puja to ceremonies page
added Everest katana to variants page
added scholarship recipient to tradition page
added Bir Gorkha page
added superfrog to carry page
added Gelbu to Biographies page
added Uncle Bill Especiale to variants page
added Ivory khukuri to historical page
added temple visit to ceremony page
3/11/2000 added sarki info to carry page
added Powell information to historical page
Added pg5 to powell collection
3/10/2000 added apprentice information to construction page
added sarki info to carry page
added 30" Sirupati to styles page
Added BirGorkha work to construction page
Added Sher Bahadur picture to Kami page
Added Powell drawing to construction page
3/4/2000 added handle information to construction page
added Sri Bishwakarma to ceremonies page
Added buffing wheel and magic stone info to construction page
Added infromation on the drop to the historical page.
2/25/2000 Added hammers to construction page
Added springs to construction page
Added thee to variants page
Added bill at the forge to construction page
2/24/2000 Added marks of the kamis to kami page
2/23/2000 Added Bura information to kami page
Added Other collections page
Added BirGorkha Kothimoda to variants page
2/5/2000 Added Sisneyri to styles page
Added text and pictures to pg 4 of powell collection
1/16/2000 Added information on scrollwork to construction pg.
Added kages katne comment to styles page
Added carving to styles page
Added Yvsa's thoughts to sharpening page
1/1/2000 Added Machaera to first styles page
Added kothimora info to styles page
Added Cobra Khuk to Historical page
Added bluing instructions to construction pg
Added Sirupati review to styles page
Added adventure to adventure page
12/21/99 Added rum story to essays page
Added cho info to first styles page
Added carving info to first styles page
12/15/99 Added information to historical khukuri page
Added "Brave Tiger" to kami page
Added BAS info to Styles page
Added bayonet to historical page
Added kothimora info to styles page
Added glue information to construction page
12/10/99 Added information to historical khukuri page
Added Garud to variants page
Added adventure to stories page
12/5/99 Added scabbard care to maintenance page
Added information to historical khukuri page
Added Kumar Karda to variants page
Added Millenium special to variants page
11/28/99 Added Kothimoda info to styles page
Added ancient Gorkha dress to Gorkha page
Added information to the historical khukuri page
11/21/99 Added Kothimoda info to styles page
Added Kumar Kobra information to variants page
Added kami info to kami page
Added Kwan forward curving review to first styles page
11/14/99 Added cho explaination to construction page
Added rooftop essay to essays page
Added advice for replacing a scabbard tip to construction page
11/7/99 Added Balance to styles pg
Added wooden model to variants page
11/5/99 Added Chainpuri pictures to Styles pg
11/1/99 Added Kagas Katne picture to styles page
Added Kumar material to Kami pg.
Added Sanu material to Kami pg.
Added Mama material to Kami pg.
Added shop 2 info to Traditions page
10/25/99 Added AK Bowie drawing
Added vocabulary
10/23/99 Added updates page
Added variants page
Added info on kumar to kamis' page
10/16/99 Added "Back to Main Page" links
Styles Page split up
Added pictures to Powell Collection
10/15/99 Added Storage info
Added Sharpening Page
Added shop2 polishing technique
10/14/99 Added Corrosion Prevention section
Added copyright statements
10/12/99 Added vocabulary
Added many names of Bill Martino
Added part of John Powell collection
10/8/99 Added vocabulary
Added 15" Dhankuta review by Chiro75
10/2/99 Added vocabulary
Moved info on Steel from traditions to Construction
10/1/99 Added karda mnemonic
Added link to HI
Replaced Gurkha with Gorkha where appropriate
Added picture of Kumar's work
Added note on measuring a khukuri
Added information on Prakesh
Added vocabulary
Added section on low quality imports
Added information on laha
Added Historical Khukuri Page
Added information on spelling of Gorkha
9/28/99 Added disclaimer by Bill on opening page
Added picture of Ganga Ram's work
Added Picture of Tin Chirra
Added link to Lee Jone's page
Added thanks from the kamis on kami page