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  Khukuri's from various collections

From the collection of Howard Wallace

The weight is 14 oz.  Max blade width is 1 3/4".  Spine thickness is about 5/16". Distance from tip of blade to where top of blade meets handle is 11 3/4".  OAL is 15 1/2".  HW

I think this may be very late WW II and still think it was an 'officer's' knife. What is holding me back on that theory is the finish is a bit rough for that model.  I would have Terry Sisco make a sheath copying a pattern I have. I would not add a karda or chakma and present it as the B.P.I.P. "officer's".  I think you did very well on this and with a good repro scabbard in brown leather it would be a nice collector's piece.

B.P.I.P. stands for British Pattern, Indian Produced. It is a fairly common term among military collectors and sums up a lot of knives from both WW I and II.
John Powell