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We offer more than two hundred different khukuris ranging in size from 9 to 40 inches.  Our handles are crafted from select native horn or hardwood and fitted individually to each knife. We offer various blade styles from the awesome chopper, the Ang Khola, to the slender sword-like Sirupati . We offer the finest field grade khukuris in the world and also one of the most beautiful art form khukuris available anywhere.

Our blades are made of zone hardened spring steel, (58 to 60 Rc), and are polished to a mirror finish .  Each blade is marked "HI" in Devanagari (the writing system customarily used for Nepalese, Hindi and Sanskrit) and carries the symbol of the individual kami who made the knife to let the customer know this is a genuine HIMALAYAN IMPORTS khukuri and not some phony imitation. Great attention is given to every detail down to the stitching and hand tooling of the water buffalo hide on the scabbard. 

Yangdu Sherpa Martino
Yangdu Martino

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. We have been featured in just about every major knife publication in the US and in other cutlery publications worldwide during the past 12 years. In fact, TACTICAL KNIVES Magazine featured our khukuris in their May 98 issue and unconditionally recommended them. and Guns and Ammos' COMBAT KNIVES Magazine featured our khukuris in their September 98 issues:--

Without exception our khukuris are always highly praised and unconditionally recommended by these various publications based on actual tests and inspection by weapon and knife experts.  During the testing for these articles not a single Himalayan Imports khukuri suffered damage of any kind no matter how severe the testing.   Read the articles and see for yourself!

About 20 of our khukuris, all of different style and size, are on permanent display at the USA National Knife Museum in Chattanooga (founded by the Knife Collectors Association ).

A khukuri which we custom made for the Canadian Army Museum in Halifax was rated the best in their collection.

Pte Ryan Kluczynski
Pte Ryan Kluczynski
1 HQ & Signals Squadron
1 Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group

in the field with an HI tarwar
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Yangdu Martino
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